By registering for the Harzduro enduro race, MTB-TRAVELS gives you the opportunity to purchase different accommodations, tours, as well as a Harzduro Garden dinner party.

There is both a Hotel, Hostel as well as camping / tent option.
As a starting point, everyone will be staying at their Hotel Drei Bären in Altenau, which is located together with our race headquarters. After buying your accommodation at this site, Emil from MTB-Travels will send you an email checking up on your wishes for room division.


Garden dinner party
Saturday night we have a party at the hotel where you have the opportunity to buy dinner consisting of a delicious main course and dessert.


Guided enduro tours
In touch with your trip to Harz, do not cheat yourself to experience some of Harz's coolest and often hidden enduro trails in and around Ilsenburg, Braunlage and Torfhaus.
Take a ride with MTB-Travels on Thursday, Friday or both days.
The tour includes Danish, German or English speaking guides (depends on your wish), dinner and a maximum of 10 people on each tour.





Accommodation, tours and dining options are brought to you by and therefore their trading conditions apply to this specific webshop. Please read:

Harzduro has no financial incentive for MTB-Travels offer. We just want to allow you to easily and conveniently book everything you need.