Harzduro 2020 regulations

  • Everyone between 10 and 100 years can participate.

  • You will be divided into classes depending on your age and gender - Remember to choose the right class when you sign up for the race.

  • All participation is at your own risk and free will. Harzduro and the underlying organizers can in no way be held responsible for personal injuries, material damage or damage to others.

  • Full Face Helmet, as well as knee protectors are mandatory. We also recommend: Back shields, gloves, googles, and knee pads! All kinds of other protection is considered good.

  • It is required to wear the helmet throughout the race, not just on the stages!

  • You must ride on the same bike throughout the whole race. It is therefore not allowed to change bicycles along the way.

  • Your bicycle must have at least 2 functioning brakes.

  • Electric bikes are only allowed in the E-bike class.

  •  If in doubt about the rules, please contact the organizers.

  • You will be sent off in groups of 10 from the start and throughout the total route.

  • In the participant email that you will receive in the week before the race, Time Caps will be published for both days, ie. the maximum of time which each class has for completing the race. However, there will be plenty of time to complete.

  • There will be these penalties for exceeding the given Timecap:

  • 0 <5 Minutes - 30 seconds penalty on one's time.

  •  5 <15 Minutes - 1 min penalty in one's time.

  • > 15 Minutes exceeded - 2 min penalty.

  • All riders of all classes are sent off on the stages every 15-25 seconds.

  • Stages are downhill, with the possibility of driveways and flat sections inlaid

  • To be able to run Harzduro, you must be a capable technical driver on an MTB. You should ideally have a trail or enduro bike.

  • We recommend that you take a look at all the stages, and walk through them during training before the race, in order to see any difficult challenges for one's level.

  • Harzduro reserves the right to require training at certain stages. If this is not done by a rider, we reserve the right to refuse to let this rider start at the given stage, ie. no time at that stage. Required training will be announced in the participant email.

  • You have a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 45 minutes to eat lunch Saturday - hereby we mean the lunch that is included in the race.

  • Do not use the lift more than what is told, as well as the free lift pass during the race. If you are discovered to take the lift up during the race, where it was not part of the route, you will receive 5 min penalty in time.



E-bike regulations

  • Technical requirements for eMTBs: We only allow pedelecs of EU Class 1 max 25 km / h. The bike may only assist when stepping on the pedals. The engine must provide a maximum of 250w and last but not least it must only provide assistance up to 25 km / h.
    It is not allowed to change the battery or charge along the route.
    There will be bicycle checks and tuning will result in disqualification.



The Harzduro cannot be held liable for physical injuries during the race weekend, as well as financial losses according to possible cancellation of the event etc.


Tickets / starting numbers:

  • It is allowed to resell daily subscriptions. The buyer of the ticket simply contacts the officials upon registration on race day.

  • There is NO right of withdrawal on purchase of starting numbers or Harzduro starting numbers. Therefore, no amount is refunded. The buyer is responsible for resale if permitted / possible, cf.


The route:

The route will be announced in the week leading up to the race. However, the route that is published before the race is without the blind stages. The route with blind stages will not be published until the race day. The route will be marked with arrows and small flags on the race day. The stages that are ridden on will be marked with mines strip, and clear start and stop stalls.


What is a blind stage?

A blind stage is a non-training stage that is hidden for all participants. The blind stages have to be ridden by everyone without anyone knowing what they look like. Thereby everyone will be challenged!


Rules on the stages

If you ride through the mining strip and do not return to the stage on the same place as you went through, one's time will be erased for that stage. We have route marshalls to keep an eye on along the way.


Time schedule

(There may be corrections in the schedule)

An start order will be sent out in the participant email, with start times included.


Friday, August 21:

- 10-16: Possibility for training on the stages in Hahnenklee and Schulenberg Bikepark.

- 16-20: Registration is open at MTB travels in Altenau.


Saturday, August 22:

- 8.30am: The first riders are sent off from Hahnenklee bike park

- 11.00: The last riders will be sent off from Hahnenklee Bikepark

- 11 am - 2 pm: Lunch is open for riders

- 13.00: The first riders arrive

- 16.00: The last riders arrive at the finish

- 18.30-: Dining and partying at MTB Travels in Altenau


Sunday, August 23:

- 8.00: The first riders will be sent out on the route

- 10.30am: The last riders are sent off.

- 12.00: The first riders are expected to finish

- 14.30: The last riders are expected to finish.

- 3 pm latest: Prize ceremony




• Women

• Men

• H40 (men 40 or older)

• Youth (10 to 17 years)

• E-bike



Registration: Must be through sports timing. If you sign up for Mountainbike Trailcup Denmark samlet tilmelding, you will get a discount on Harzduro.

Chip and timing: High-end timing is run by the German Sportident. As a participant you are 100% responsible for the chip during the race. Timing starts when the rider crosses the starting field at the top of the track after the “allowed” signal from the official. The timing is stopped when the rider crosses the final field at the bottom of the stage.

Rider Meeting: There will be a YouTube link in the participant email, which is required by everyone to see where the race organizers will tell all important information.

Rules of behavior:

  • Not all transport pieces are closed off exclusively for the race. Therefore you must follow the general traffic rules and behave properly!

  • Harzduro organizers spend a great deal of time getting special permits for each department. Therefore, respect when it is told that you should not come back again and ride on the blind stages, as this is often on private land, and it ruins the chance to be welcomed back again next year.


Pass-through: If the timing equipment fails for any reason, a new pass-through is provided as far as possible. If the person operating the timing system fails and a valid time cannot be delivered, a new pass is given.

Rider failure does NOT give new passage.


Alcohol etc.: It is not allowed to ride drunk. Hash smoking and other euphoric substances are not allowed under any circumstances. Participants who are affected will be disqualified.

Changes may occur.