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  • Harzduro is a cosy and well-organized 2-days mountainbike enduro race in Hahnenklee, Altenau and Schulenberg in the Harz Mountains on the 22. and 23. of august 2020.

  • Practice day (Friday 21/8):  All stages will be marked and ready for open training from when the lifts are openingen at the two bikeparks. Riders will both be able to train the stages in Hahnenklee Bikepark and  Racepark Schulenberg. Uplifts on trainingday (friday) are not included in the race fee and should be bought separate at the parks. Riders will not be able to train the blind stages.

  • First day of racing (Saturday 22/8) will start out at Hahnenklee Bikepark and include some great natural trails around in the area, and of course some nice mixed stages in the park. There will also be a nice lunch included midrace.

  • In the evening (Saturday 22/8) we have prepared a social afterparty where riders can bring friends and family to dinner (not included in the price)

  • Second day of racing (Sunday 23/8) will start out from our collaborator’s hotel in Altenau and take all the riders on a beautiful trip around the lakes. On route we will have prepared a brand new and secret stage only build for this race which you will race before you enter two of Racepark Schulenbergs most natural and awesome trails. On your way to Racepark Schulenberg you will have ridden some other cool natural stages. You will end up at the hotel in Altenau where we will have the prize ceremony.

  • The race is hosted by the organizers behind the Mountainbike Trailcup Denmark, which is the leading gravity/enduro cup in Denmark.

  • Price: 100 euro pr. rider including (110 euro after 30. april)

State of the art timing system (the same as EWS)

Lift acces in the race

Marked stages

Marked route on the transfers

Brand new loam stage which will be build only for this weekend

Blind stages 

Sick Enduro Race Numberplate

Feedzone midrace  including; snacks, fruit and energywater

Saturday you will enjoy a included lunch at a resturant just at the ending of a blind stage

Free entry at the afterparty at Drei Bären hotel in Altenau

Officials at every stage

Medics covering the race

Professionel photographers and videographers covering the whole event.


(There may be corrections in the times when we get closer to the raceweekend)

An start order will be sent out in the participant email, with start times included.


Friday, August 21:

- 10-16: Possibility for training on the open stages in Hahnenklee and Schulenberg Bikepark.

- 16-20: Registration is open at MTB travels in Altenau.


Saturday, August 22:

- 8.30am: The first riders are sent off from Hahnenklee bikepark

- 11.00: The last riders will be sent off from Hahnenklee Bikepark

- 11 am - 2 pm: Lunch is open for riders

- 13.00: The first riders arrive

- 16.00: The last riders arrive at the finish

- 18.30-: Dining and partying at MTB Travels in Altenau


Sunday, August 23:

- 8.00: The first riders will be sent out on the route

- 10.30am: The last riders are sent off.

- 12.00: The first riders are expected to finish

- 14.30: The last riders are expected to finish.

- 3 pm latest: Prize ceremony